40 years of market experience

Heinsohn Business Technology

Heinsohn Business Technology is a leading software development and consultancy company with 40 years of market experience and several branches across Latin America and the United States.

We offer a robust IT Services portfolio including Cloud Computing, Big Data-Analytics, Integration (SOA-BPM), and software development in diverse technologies.


We have certified processes with the best market practices and the highest valuation of the industry in CMMI Level 5 software development.

We are a reliable and strategic allied, with a team committed to research, development and with the technical skills necessary to develop successful projects.

We are experts in technology solutions and we know how to make projects more productive and efficient in an easy and agile way.

We have 100% contractual compliance in each development project
Solid partnerships with the leaders of global IT management products such as SAP, IBM, TIBCO, Oracle and Microsoft, among others.
Long-term relationships with customers through innovative solutions that contribute effectively to improve their business and achieve objectives.
85% of our team is dedicated to research and development. More than 400 certified engineers in diverse disciplines with the methodologies for project development.


Post-graduate programs and Diplomas taught by our engineers
Comities for technology Research
Projects developed in conjunction with University students and professors
Student exchange programs